Are you my mommy?

So I was just wondering…when does one actually start to feel like a mom? I mean, I have 3 kids. You’d think I’d be feeling all grown up and mommy like by now. No? Maybe it’s because I fight the mommy jeans, and I drive a Porsche instead of a nice sensible car. But I […]


Some mornings I get Milan out of his crib. Normally that’s Darian’s job, because, well, it just is. But sometimes it’s me. And I pick him up. And for a brief moment (after I’ve wrangled him out of his blankets and watched him toss a few toys around) he presses his cheek against mine, and […]


This year I resolve to…

– start a knitting group – recognize what is important and ignore what isn’t – RELAX, truly – remember to sometimes put myself first – communicate with focus – write hand written letters and send birthday cards – make music more part of my life because it’s what I love – take more vacations – […]


Old Yeller

It’s usually the little things. Like when Max accidentally squashed blueberries into the carpet today after I warned him a thousand times. And I shouted. And he cried. His wrenching Maxi cry. And he said, “I’m so, so sorry mom”. And then my heart broke because I knew he was. Or when Milan grabbed at the […]


Service with a…oh balls…

Raise your hand I’ve you’ve ever waited tables. I personally worked the dinner shift in countless restaurants from the age of sixteen until I was vaguely employed. Let’s face it people, it’s not brain surgery. And although waiting tables can sometimes be compared to prostitution and or having a really, really bad day, I think […]


Check please

For the past, oh, 15 years, I’ve made a list every Monday morning. In the top right hand corner I write the date. Below that, on the left, I draw a small box. And next to that I write the task. There is no particular order, just what comes to mind. Once that task is […]



We don’t really do New Year’s Resolutions around here. I resolve to do it all eventually anyway. But this past year, I decided on a New Year’s Mantra. You see, I lead a relatively busy life. 3 kids, a couple more businesses, too many interests for the hours in the day. And sometimes it’s easy […]