Angry Food

Right now my youngest son is sitting at the dinner table, being bribed with videos of airplanes in the hopes that he’ll finish eating his dinner. It’s 8:25 pm. 25 minutes past his bedtime. I left dinner about 30 minutes ago in a huff because there was no way I could manage sitting at the […]

A Little Liberace

Little known fact about me (unless you went to music school with me, in which case you still might be surprised): sometimes I play the piano… I recorded this little bit of “Georgia” today because it make me think of my friend Robyn, AKA the Chemo Biyatch, who is our Georgia peach. Click on the […]

Bitch With A Pen

If you know me, you’re aware that I’m opinionated, caustic, sarcastic but still quite a friendly, happy, all around outgoing gal. But yes, I have an opinion. And a voice. And I’m rather particular. I believe that if I’m paying for something, it should be as expected. And I believe that good customer service is […]

Kid Friendly Restaurant Review: The Pantry, Rancho Santa Fe

Have you ever noticed that nearly every single restaurant, whether it be Chinese, Indian, Japanese or Mongolian, generally has a kids menu that consists of the following: Chicken Tenders, Hot Dog, Burger, Noodles and Mac & Cheese. Without fail. And since we really like to eat out with our kids, I’m going to occasionally review […]

Oh baby, baby.

Today a friend revealed her pregnancy on Facebook. And my first instinct? Utter jealousy. I’m kind of surprised by that. While I’ve often toyed with the idea of having a fourth (diapers again?!?) and once spoke of having five (it was during a fragile stage), I thought that I had happily settled with my brood […]

My Friend Robyn is a Biyatch

Actually, she’s a biyatch going through Cancer, starting chemo this Thursday. And she’s blogging about it. Which I think is brilliant. I think it sucks that it took Cancer to get her writing voice out there. But she’s hilarious, witty, sarcastic and she’s damn well making sure that she isn’t going to be Cancer’s biyatch […]