Of small significance

Thinking a lot about our, or my, significance in the world. I have always had the idea to do great things, but my concept of great has always been defined by enormity. A famous novel, a major film, a significant act of discovery. I’m a “finding-a-cure-for-cancer” kind of girl. But the thing is, as I […]

Jewel Heist

I have a million pieces of inexpensive jewelry and didn’t really think that I needed more, but I received a gift certificate for Jewel Mint at a Jade Phoenix event and thought I’d give it a whirl. What a surprisingly good experience! It really made me feel like I had purchased something quite nice, and […]

The Demon

Sugar is the devil. I’m quite sure of it. There is nothing I can do not to indulge in a small bit of something sweet every day. It has me completely in it’s grasp. Every morning I wake up and swear that I won’t let myself have sugar. But by the end of the day […]

I call shotgun

On Friday I had a call from the school principal. She told me that everything was fine, and that nobody had broken anything (quite necessary to state in our home) but she had Mia in the office, and┬áMia was pretty upset. Turn out that she was upset mainly because she had been called in to […]

If it has eyes…

Still going strong with the school lunches. Milan swears that he’ll only eat lunch if it has eyes on it. So yesterday he wouldn’t eat his delightful star-shaped sandwich. Go figure. Here are a couple of my favorites from last week. Can you spot the secret eye in one of these lunches?┬áDarian has requested that […]

All Tired Up

It’s so weird to me that most nights I’m utterly exhausted. I don’t classify what I’m doing right now as by any means exhausting. I’m not even exercising much of late. But I am drop, down, knock out tired by the end of the day. I guess this lady-of-leisure thing is harder than it looks! […]

Cocktails anyone?

I get Botox. Yep, I do. (Jeez is this a week of confessions for me). In fact, my dad and I go for Dad/Daughter Botox sessions and then we sit over lunch wiggling our foreheads at each other because the lady said you have to move your forehead afterwards so it doesn’t freeze into a […]

Lofty Goals

A little while ago I was asked what my aspirations are for my kids, and I gave the most simple, honest answer: happiness Really. It’s that easy. I don’t care what they do, or who they are. As long as they are happy people. Every morning I wake up and try and make that come […]