Two of my kids went back to school today, and my daughter Mia, now being in our school’s equivalent of 3rd grade (the school has no grades, another story), has moved upstairs (big, big deal) and has (even bigger deal) a LOCKER! The lockers are in the UFA (Ugly Furniture Area – another story) and of course, Mia wanted as much bling available to decorate hers. One of my have stores nearby in Lowry isĀ Hayley’s Heart, and when I popped in to buy a baby gift, I spotted their locker decorations.

Made by a company called Locker Lookz (ooh, the copywriter in me hates that “z” on the end), they totally pegged their target market. We’re still waiting for the lime green shag carpet and Damask wallpaper to arrive, but we’re pretty styling already. Did I say “we”? I mean Mia, of course.