So, looking back at last week’s plan, I think that I planned some failure. Look, there was little chance that my kids were actually going to eat anything that resembled meatloaf, and I have to admit that I was a little turned off by eating any meat that looked like a muffin. Although, Mia did eat the entire thing, but she was bribed with the prospect of watching Star Wars during dinner and that kid will do anything when bribed. Note to self. I also made the mistake of cooking our ENTIRE batch of chicken breasts for the Honey Chicken, so must remember today to get Whole Foods to portion out all of the food. Another convenience I hope to enjoy for the price. Granted we didn’t get through the whole meal plan, mainly due to an excess of leftovers thanks to my not so skilled recipe doubling, so that means that we’ll try some of last week’s meals on this week’s plan. Cook with me and let me know if there’s anything great! This week I’m all about comfort food, and traditions, so there’s a brisket and a pot roast on there. I’m also recovering from some surgery and could do with both the comfort and easy cooking. Sounds pretty soothing to me! Oh, and guys at work, just a heads up, there’s meatloaf for lunch tomorrow.