The other day a friend and I went in to two boutiques in Del Mar: Mattie D and The Back Room at Del Mar Kids, which has a large section in the back for grown-up clothes. In both boutiques, we were greeted when we came in, and both boutiques had three staff members. In both boutiques we were told, “Let us know if you need anything”.


While shopping at Maddie D, I found a dress I would LOVE to wear for my not-so-secret BIG birthday next weekend. It was Alice + Olivia and had tulle and rhinestones and just screamed me. And it was $500. Pricey I know. I squealed with delight when I saw the dress, and then loudly claimed my disappointment when there was only a size 2 and a 0. Zero? Can a zero person even stand up straight enough to try a dress on? I digress. Anyway. I asked if they had a fat people size? No, the lady said. No they didn’t. And then bemoaned the fact that San Diego doesn’t like to dress up. Well, um, I do! After perusing a few more $200 t-shirts, we left.¬†Oh and by the way, Mattie D has the creepiest male mannequins I have ever seen!

il_fullxfull.283292605Next store. Same thing. Two of the girls lurking near the entrance, watching us as we browsed through the stock. I picked up a rather lovely ombre sweater in a peach tones, held it up to my frame, looked in the mirror, picked up another size. I was clearly somewhat interested in the sweater. Nada. After a few more $200 shirts, we left.


So what’s the problem here people? I can quite understand not wanting to harass customers, but come on, you’re supposed to be sales people. I can take a pretty good guess that if someone had paid an interest in us, I would have bought something. Why didn’t the woman in Mattie D try and show me another dress? A simple, “well I have something else that you might like” could have seen me in the fitting room $500 poorer. In Del Mar Kids a “hey, we have a camisole that would be great under that” could have been a $200 sale for them. In fact I keep thinking how much I’d like that sweater but I don’t really feel inspired to go back to that store, ever.

Just lurking around doesn’t cut it. Not if you want to sell something. I am here to BUY. I have money available to purchase something and I’M IN YOUR STORE! Do something. BE a sales person, not just sneering floor decoration. I don’t know if store owners are training their staff badly, not training them, or don’t give a hoot, but I think it’s a mistake and it certainly won’t get me spending. Not one penny.


  1. After we parted ways, I thought about this a little. I wonder if they left us alone because we were there together. Maybe if you had been there alone, they would have actually tried to sell you something. What do you think?

  2. I cannot tell you how many times this happens to me and I walk out because I can’t find my size or someone to ring me up. I understand that most stores including Macy’s and Nordies having less staff due to the recession but its counter intuitive to save on salaries and lose on sales

  3. And Robyn, there were THREE people in each store who could have worked with us. Elizabeth, would that mean we could have been DOUBLE the sale. And also, this happens even when I’m alone. Maybe it’s just me!