Max has been so stoic about moving and hasn’t really seemed particularly bothered about leaving his friends and life here in Denver. Until he brought his school portfolio home yesterday. This file contains the past two years of work he has done, and he spent some time going through his improvements. He commented that he was really proud of himself and we marveled at how his writing is coming on. This morning he wanted to look over his portfolio again and I told him that we were probably going to be able to keep it since in all likelihood he was going to go straight on to his new school in San Diego in September. We talked about how he might not see his teacher Lisa again, and I suggested that we invite her over for tea before we leave if that was going to be the case. And then he started to cry.

And he said that his whole world was changing and life was never going to be the same again. And my heart broke for him.


  1. Oh Lex, that sucks. When their hearts break, us mamas’ hearts break tenfold. He’s gonna be just fine. After all, he isn’t leaving YOU behind. xoxo