He wasn’t even 7. Prince Liam. And yet, over the past 3 years, he’s had more impact on me that any other human being. Liam taught me about the resilience of the human spirit, and about what’s really important in life. He taught me to hold my kids that little bit closer each day, and how important a sweet smile is. His mother Gretchen has taught me how to truly love and never give up, and more about fighting the fight than anyone I know. She has shared with us her incredible battle for her son, and in doing so, had raised over 1 million dollars for pediatric cancer research so far. She’ll raise millions more. And I’ll do all I can to help her. For Gretchen. For Liam. For his dad Larry and sister Ella. And for all of the kids out there. I’m not going to let Liam’s life be in vain. Join me. Visitwww.cookiesforkidscancer.org and hold a bake sale. Donate $5 in honor of Liam’s smile. Donate $10 for Gretchen. Buy cookies. And spread the word. Spread it far and wide. We can’t stop kids cancer on our own, but we can make a difference, one cookie at a time. I can’t believe that Liam is gone. So terribly sad. Such heartbreak. Let’s not allow this to be for nothing.