Our new French au pair Lucie arrived and in her honor I put together somewhat of a French mime inspired outfit, that of course needed red lips. MAC Russian Red, to be exact. So it was sort of French meets Russian, I guess, and everyone kept asking me to mime being stuck in a box, but still rather fun…until my 7 year old asked what I had done to my lips. Nevertheless, such a bold pop of color is a great way to add some excitement, and I’ve been seeing trends towards a hugely bright pink and fuchsia this summer. Watch out Marcel Marceau.

As an aside, red lipstick is a dastardly hard thing to keep on, lest you have a cup of coffee, sneeze or move. Anyone got tips on that one?


  1. Lexie! I love a bold lip. My favorite red is Nars Heatwave — it’s the perfect orangy-red for my complexion. In order to keep your lipstick on, you need to apply a lip primer and then line your lips. My favorite primer is by Guerlain, called Kiss Kiss. But there are a lot of primers out there now. Urban decay has one that’s probably pretty good too. When you line your lip, stay on the inside of your natural lip line and then fill in your entire lip, cover with your lipstick and you are set! And yes, magenta is the color for spring!

    Love the backdrop for your photo!