A couple months ago I posted about the Grocery Games I play with my kids, and I wanted to share another successful one:

My daughter had a friend sleeping over, and in the morning I really dreaded the prospect of telling 4 kids that we needed to go grocery shopping, and thus: Scavenger Hunt. I simply told them that we were going to a scavenger hunt, and that it was going to take place at Whole Foods, and the winning team would get a prize. And so would the losing team, but that was just so Max wouldn’t cry…the kids were dressed even before I could make my grocery list.

It was girls against boys once we hit the store, as Mia and her friend Addie are a little older, and Mia has a cell phone (another story) so they could run off to find their items, while I wanted the boys with the adults, so I was score keeper, and Darian and the boys made up the male team.

After a short briefing, much excitement ensued: the girls had the added task of finding the cheapest item, and Max had to look for items starting with specific letters (we’re always learning here at the Bregman camp!). Both teams were allowed to ask store staff for help, and my proudest moment came when one of the Whole Foods crew came up and told me she thought it was the best grocery store game ever, yay! When we ran out of items, the kids had to search for specific employees and ask them questions, like asking the Cheese people what the stinkiest cheese is – apparently Stilton.

At the end, we were fair and square 9.5 points to each team (the half point was because they all went to find out about the cheese) and the kids each got to choose an under $2 item from the store – Mia: Gum Drops, Addie: 1lb of Yoghurt Pretzel (which she ate in entirety in the car, yikes!), Milan: a lip balm and Max: a Whole Foods shopping bag, go figure.

We all had a ball, and we managed to cross off everything on our list. The only thing I’m going to change next time is that I choose the prize, because that took another 15 minutes, at least!


  1. Gum for Mia, a lip balm for Milan… This is SO them! But what happened with Maxi’s shopping bag? I would be curious to know! :O