I’ve always been a fan of the schedule, and literally have them plastered all over the fridge and am known to the the most intricate desktop calendar known to man.

But two weeks ago, Darian and I started something new, and I have to say I really love it, even though I didn’t think I would! We wake up at 5am. Yep. 5am. Sounded like a hellatious hour to me, but 5am actually isn’t that bad. Sure it’s dark. And cold. And when you’ve been up twice at night for a monster and a drink of water please, it seems a little sleep deprived, but it’s actually quite nice.

I realized that the trick is to leap out of bed. No stretching or snuggling in for me. Alarm goes, and I spring right outta there. 10 minutes later I’m in my gym clothes. I like the gym at 5:30am. I get to watch the news, see how people are renovating their houses and witness other people’s butts wiggle. There’s even a man who wears a crown when he works out. Apparently he’s autistic and can remember the dates of anything and everything. See. If I wasn’t there at 5am, I wouldn’t know that. By the time I leave, the sun has risen and I make it to the shower even before my kids wake up. ANd Darian has been out to enjoy a nice bike ride too!

And then the special part: we get to have breakfast with our kids, together, and then take them to school, together. And then, in the afternoon, we get to go and pick them up, together.

Worth every minute of lost sleep, don’t you think?