crunchiesWhen I travel back to South Africa, the thing that always gets me is the food. There are flavors that are so typically South African, and I don’t just mean traditional spices and savories. We were at the quaint farm store grocer at the Casterbridge Center in White River, on our way to the Gowrie Gate of the Kruger National Park, and someone filled up a little bag of “Crunchies”. These home baked coconut and oatmeal treats are so simple, yet when they’re the right consistency (a little chewy, never too crisp) and the right flavor (not too sweet, almost salty even), they represent a small piece of my childhood.

Coming back home, I found a delightful recipe on Orna Bakes and we’ve been relishing in these treats since then. I’m not a baker, but these are a breeze. I’m going to experiment with some sugar substitutes next time, but if you’re looking for the real thing, this is it. Baie lekker!