(Week two in San Diego)
While I should be unpacking boxes and making sure I know where all our underwear and toys cars are, I am in fact out to lunch. On a daily basis. And breakfast, coffee dates, concerts and dinners. And an occasional afternoon tea. In the two weeks we’ve been here, we have not been able to locate the oven gloves, but we have been for three lunch dates, a pool party, a BBQ, beach outing and one charity poker evening. I don’t play poker.

I can’t tell you where the rest of my shorts are, but I do know where Target, both Bed, Bath and Beyonds, and all of the Whole Foods, Trader Joes and Sprouts are. The UPS guy and I are on a first name basis (holler, Darrin!). We love breakfast at The Inn, and nobody in town knows how to make a dry cappuccino. We have been to the nail place, found the cheap gas and the car wash that sprays water directly into the sunroof. Not good. When you see a sign for horses crossing, it really means that horses are crossing.

We have pulled to the side of the road to see two hot air balloons take off, and one fill to perfection. We know not to buy groceries from the Harvest Market except for grapefruit and flowers. RiteAid pharmacists are really nice, and much better than CVS.

We have had two sets of house guests in as many weeks, and are preparing for our third. We have an annual membership to Legoland but have only been to the beach once. I haven’t cracked a surf, or even exercised for that matter.

I have not once yet slept through the night and Milan has wet his bed consistently no matter what we feed him or how we clothe him. He is however alarmingly adept at the new remote controls.

We can hear coyotes at night and a small bird keeps flying into the glass of our windows. We have eucalyptus trees and Terry the pool guy says to scoop them out of the pool or else they stain. We have a pool. We have an orange tub that says “pool goodies”. We have a PO Box and I’m told that during the school year the post office is the gather place to be. I find that incredibly quaint.