1504012_10202879652019123_1191277429_nThere is no such thing as stillness in my life. Just constant chatter. Even in my sleep, the dog moves to the foot of my bed and I’m awakened by his stirring. My mind is never still. Constant chatter. Thinking about the mundane: does Max have his swim bag?; to the immense: Cancer cells; to the inane: Am I psychic? I sometimes wonder if I should take up meditation. My mom has practiced transcendental mediation for years, chanting her mantra for 15 minutes every day (I know she’s really napping but I can’t quite prove it). Aren’t we supposed to be seeking peace and serenity? After all, I’m the person who considers an hour in the dentists’ chair “me time”. But what good would peace and serenity be? Maybe I’ll miss out on inventing something amazing, or starting a world-changing business. Wait! If I’m psychic shouldn’t I already know this? Oh be quiet brain!

So answer me this: why stillness?