It’s weird: I think I have a hard time distinguishing what stress really is. Either I’m completely stressed all the time, or I don’t experience stress at all. Neither of which seems realistic. If my kids are sick, I know that I feel stressed. Or is that worried? What actually does stress feel like? What does it make you do?

I think I should be stressed right now. And other people keep saying, “Oh you must be so stressed”, or more often “You don’t seem stressed about this at all!”. Hey, we’re moving 3 kids, a nanny, and a business, and 4 of the people who go along with that business all the way to San Diego, and I couldn’t tell you what, when, where or how right now, except that my kids will probably be in school in September. Probably. I think. Maybe. Did I mention that we just put an offer in to lease a house there from August and my husband will probably stay in Denver so I can get the kids set up in time? Probably. Maybe?

But I felt more stressed that Mia was sick last weekend. If stress feels like a gnawing pit in your stomach? But I don’t feel stressed about the rest. Maybe because I really, really want to make this move and have wanted to for the last, oh, 14 years or so. So maybe I’m just really ecstatically delightedly happy and that overrides any stress I may or may not be experiencing.

Did I mention that we’re putting the house on the market at the end of June. Maybe I’ll get stressed then.