Potatoes, that is. Bought a whole box-o-sweetpotatoes at HELL COSTCO on Sunday and although last night’s beef dinner didn’t turn out how I wanted, the Sweet potatoes certainly did.

What I loved about this dish, was that I was SUPER easy to prepare and even the kids thought it was delicious. Granted I had to bribe them with small gifts (seashells from Cape Town – listen, the bribe was a last minute thought and I was scrambling), but they tasted them and then gobbled them up, and even ate the leftovers tonight! Alright, the baby didn’t, but he doesn’t count because he was wearing sunglasses and a construction helmet.

Anyway, here’s how it went down:
– peeled 5 large sweet potatoes
– cut them into large chunks
– added some salt and a dash of agave syrup
– threw in a cup of water
– brought it all to a boil
– and then simmered with the lid on, stirring occasionally until they were beautifully tender

Along with that, I also made some delicious broccoli in the wok by frying broccoli florets with garlic in a dash of seasoned oil. When the broccoli was a bright green I added some water and yes, a dash of agave (are you seeing the theme here? Sweet!) and left it on low for the water to evaporate.

Then I screwed the whole dish up by adding my beautifully marinated beef chunks, which were WAY too large and made my broccoli all meaty and soggy. NOTE TO SELF TO COOK MEAT SEPARATELY NEXT TIME. I’ll try again.

In the meantime, as my 7 year old Mia would say – that was SWWWEEEET, Mom!