Ever since Darian and I started our early morning schedule, we’ve been doing the kids school run together. In fact, we pretty much take one car every day. Our older two kids get dropped off at the “loop” and I don’t even get out of the car. But our little guy Milan gets walked into the classroom by us both. The first week or two, we got a lot of comments from other parents like “Oh, Milan gets his Mom AND Dad to bring him into school. Isn’t that nice?”, and including one odd comment by an acrimoniously divorced mom who made quite a point in front of her daughter and another little boys whose parents are divorced about how lucky Milan is to have both of his parents there. Very uncomfortable moment, I thought.

However, now a couple of weeks in, and I realized that we’re starting to get some really odd looks. We have surmised that people think that either one of us has lost a job, lost a driver’s license, or is gravely ill. I feel like we’re getting some empathetic smiles, and some rather quizzical eyebrow lifts, like people are really questioning why we’re together every day, for drop off AND pickup. Look at that weird, weird Bregman couple who are always together. Something MUST be wrong. Sadly, we’re such a rarity, that the couple together is the one out of place. Although, I don’t remember my parents ever taking me to school together unless it was a school meeting. So maybe we are weird, or unusual, or just different. That different happy couple. Yep.

Truth is: we’re just really lucky! Weird and lucky.