Sugar is the devil. I’m quite sure of it. There is nothing I can do not to indulge in a small bit of something sweet every day. It has me completely in it’s grasp. Every morning I wake up and swear that I won’t let myself have sugar. But by the end of the day it seems that all resolve has disappeared and I come up with a hundred reasons why I should have just one of the kids’ gummy worms. And of course after the first one, I give in, and since I failed I might as well go whole hog and have at least 5 or 10 or who knows, because by that stage I’ve hit a sugar coma. I’m sure it’s what alcoholics must go through. Such resolve and such failure. And I can’t for the life of me grasp what to do. I’m sure the nutritionist’s 80/20 rule doesn’t include mouthfuls of M&M’s (which I don’t even like) or the bright pink strawberry stuff that I thought they stopped making in the 70’s but apparently is served at the desert buffet we were at last night. Yes, yes, it was a salad buffet, marred by the sweet ending. I marvel at people who say, “just two weeks and you’ll see the wonders of a sugar-free world”. Well I’ve done two weeks, and cleanses and diets and spent hundreds of dollars on every diet scheme out there, all which include nothing more than a square or dark chocolate after dinner. Phuleeze! Cacao nibs have nothing on Rolos!

And so, with Halloween’s impending doom looming close, what are my choices? Two palms up for a helping of Tootsie Rolls or more of the self flagellating misery that not knowing what to do brings? Give me a treat bag and send me to the hills.