phoneThis weekend I did a little experiment. On Saturday night we went out, and I left my phone in the car. On purpose. Shocking, yes I know. I. Left. It. In. The. Car. I didn’t get to take any Selfies with my friends. I didn’t text anyone. I didn’t take any pics of the ugly sweaters that everyone was wearing. My husband had his phone (he NEVER takes selfies) so I knew the kids could contact us. And my money was in my back pocket with my lipstick. No phone.

On Sunday we took the kids ice skating at The Inn. Super cute, quaint and pretty hilarious. I took a camera. Yup, a little orange camera. And snapped some pics of them. I didn’t check in on Facebook when my hubby went to the loo. I didn’t tag my daughter on Instagram. Because my phone was at home. And my camera doesn’t have wifi. Hah.

I’m not trying to get all saintly here, but there was a mom at a table next to us whose kids were ice skating, and she spent most of the evening bathed in the glow of her iPhone. When the kids came to join her for dinner, they also jumped on their phones. The younger kid peered over their shoulders. I think there might have been a funny cat video involved. Ok, maybe I am getting a little saintly, but I felt sort of knighted. Yes, we all know I’m the Facebook queen, and I’ve always takes about how I love staying in contact with my friends. And yes, I’ll continue to use it. This isn’t something I’m trying to remove. It’s something I’m trying to moderate. It feels kinda nice. Like burning my bra or something. Liberated. Free.

So this week, try it. Even just for one outing. Leave your phone behind. Try it on for size. You might just find it fits 🙂