I am a sucker for a kit. Have been since I was little. Anything that has small versions of things and is cute…has my heart. So when I was checking out at Sephora the other day, and spotted the adorable Ms. & Mrs. Minimergency kit…the angels sang. Firstly, they are spot on with their packaging. For a girl who is swayed by aesthetics, they got me. I chose gold over silver, because gold is the new black (you knew that, silly) and couldn’t wait to get home to open it.

The contents didn’t disappoint. This company really hit the mark with little items a gal might need in an emergency, and of course I loved the dinky hairspray and little sachets. A tampon, headache pills and even nail varnish. A quick visit to their website showed something else I really appreciated: there IS a men’s version, and it’s packaged in a tin. Manly enough, yet still small and handy. Ms. and Mrs. is my kind of company – with a great eye on their target audience. I appreciate that from all angles. They also make specially occasion kits for weddings and births (get what my baby shower go to gift is now), as well as larger kits for work emergencies and school kits too! And yes, you can purchase refills.

As for my Minimergency kit: it’s going right into my purse and I shall eagerly await any kind of girly emergency that might come my way.