I love a new fashion find, and I love it even more when the marketing and packaging is spot on. So, in honor of Valentine’s Day and my new pink ballet slippers: let’s chat about Tieks by Gavrieli.

I recently ordered a pair of Tieks online. I had seen an ad on Facebook (see, Facebook ads DO work!) and received a discount code. Still they’re quite pricey at around $200. The other day I had my first chance to wear these (it’s snowing heaps in Denver, and I was in San Diego where it’s always ballet slipper weather!). I’m a fussy slipper girl, and these were a dream! Perfectly comfortable even though I walked quite a lot. Just goes to show that sometimes the premium options is worth it!

But let’s talk about the most impressive part of Tieks: the packaging and presentation. From the bright teal blue accents, which carry from the shoes to the absolutely adorable box with flower, to the handwritten note (really!) from the company, Tieks has it spot on. This just what a consumer like me wants to see. And my daughter Mia has taken to wearing the yellow flower in her hair! Plus, the shoes come not only with their own little “purse” but that smaller bag unfolds into a larger one, where you can stash those stilettos you climbed out of. I think I’m going ┬áto have to pick up a couple more pairs for summer, or move to San Diego and wear them every day. Whichever comes first!