When my kids were little I used to carry a pen knife with me. It had a toothpick, and a tweezer, and a scissors and a small knife. I used it to rip open packages for desperate children in Target and to remove splinters in a park.

This past week, I felt like I used all of the tools in my emotional toolkit. I suppressed fear, overcame anger and relished in relief. I also went to London, and then turned around and headed to San Diego. Which is why I haven’t blogged.

I feel like I dodged a bullet, and although no outrageous epiphany came with this, I am astoundingly grateful for my health. Amusingly, the fantastic mammogram doctor suggested that the lump was caused by fatty tissue moving because I exercise so much. On the flip side, my OBGYN called to say I do have rather high cholesterol and they’re going to run a Berklee (sp?) test on Monday to see if it’s genetic or dietary. I can already tell you the answer to that. And I can already tell you that I’ll do everything I can not to take drugs. Me and drugs are generally not friends, so I’m expecting a diet of tasty supplements and a severe lack of fat. Any other suggestions?

In the meantime, as delightful as it was to travel internationally with just my husband (we were on business), we did spend all of our time exclaiming how much the kids would like this and that. I definitely see a family trip to the UK on the horizon.

We also got to spend time with my very favorite aunt Robyn, and a special treat, Darian’s cousins Garth and Mina and their kids. Mina and I have never met, but have communicated via Facebook for years, and when I finally did meet her in their lovely Surrey home, it was like meeting an old friend. Funny that. They’re moving to Singapore, and I really hope that we can have a family gathering soon. Because yes, the kids would love that too.