I know there are some who think it: That I’m supermom. That I manage to juggle an extraordinary amount of things and hike the Grand Canyon at the same time. And I do. I know I do. But sometimes I really just drop the ball too. And it’s hard to get down there and find that goddamn ball underneath all of the sheets I have to wash and freelance advertising jobs I seem compelled to take on. And while I’m looking for that ball, I also discover that I missed two kids parties, forgot about the school talent show and still haven’t emptied the suitcase from my last trip.

The interesting thing is that I truly do believe that I can have it all. I can be the mother I want to be, and the wife I aspire to be and the business woman I am trying to become. I can run marathons and knit sweaters and take up ballet again. Well, maybe. I really and truly think that it’s just a matter of DOING it. But I’m coming to realize that HOW you do it is what’s important. I want to lead by example, and show my kids how life should be lived. And in doing so, sometimes I have to laugh at myself, sometimes I have to accept that I’m wrong and through all of it, I have to realize that IT IS WHAT IT IS. Simple as it might be – it’s something that I’ve learned from my amazing husband, who never seems to get riled up, and deals with most of what life flings at him in the most calm and logical way (yes, I know, it might be a man thing). But I do agree. It is what it is – and I’ve got to take things at face value. Not everyone is fretting about something that I said or did, and it really doesn’t matter if I screwed up dinner. Chances are, nobody will realize and sometimes, just sometimes, I have to let go and let Supermom wait in the corner for a while longer.

It is what it is.


  1. SuperMom can cause such chaos in our lives. I agree with you that sometimes we need to just put her in the corner for awhile and let ourselves just be ok with who we are in the moment. : )