As much as I hate to say it, my kids don’t always want to eat what we’re eating. So that requires some forethought, especially since I detest having to cook two different meals. When were were having our friends Mel and John over on Thursday night, I wanted to make sure that the adults had something yummy to eat and there was something that the kids would enjoy too.┬áPasta is always the easiest option in this cold weather.

A couple of years ago, Darian and I took a brilliant French Cooking Techniques course at Cook Street School in Denver. One of the things they taught us was how to make fresh pasta. Darian has mastered the art. And truly, his pasta is amazing – you’ll never want to eat dry pasta again! AND he makes it wholewheat. Delicious for the kids, really easy to make and a fun activity pre dinner, so your guests get to watch you make the pasta. To make the dish more adult, I added a spicy tomato shrimp sauce, using frozen uncooked shrimp from Whole Foods. The kids just ate their pasta with a pat of butter. Delish!
– brown minced garlic and red chilli flakes in olive oil
– add onions
– add tinned or fresh diced tomato
– let that simmer until you’re ready to add the shrimp
– 4 minutes before you’re ready to serve, add the shrimp
– top with a grated parmesan or parano flakes
– yum!
(and of course, a good quality dried pasta is just fine too!)