We’ve just moved. Milan turns FIVE tomorrow. I’m not quite sure if the two kids he talks about at school are even real. He wants golf clubs (done), a hot air balloon (miniature purchased) and a blimp (not obtained). He wanted a party. And then didn’t want a party. And then did, but just wanted the presents and no friends there. Then he wanted his Denver friends to come. And so, for the first time ever, we’re not having a party. Of any kind. We’re having dinner all together and I’m letting him skip tennis. And we’re bringing cookies to school.

And I feel sad. Even though my mom and her boyfriend Mark will be here. And our family, and family friends Gabby and Nigel. And I’m sure he’ll have a lovely time. I feel sad that we’re not having a hoopla. Because hoopla is how we roll.

Anecodotally, my mom says that for my 5th birthday she took me and Sharon Beinash to the Sydenham Public Pool and we had a lovely time. So there.