I think it’s interesting that Obama, now for the second time, is asking people to donate a minimum of $5 towards his campaign, with the promise of a chance to win a dinner for 4 with him. The winners are picked in a random drawing and get airfare and hotel accommodation thrown in too. Brilliant! I am utterly delighted that our president would use the tried and true practice of a good old sweepstakes to raise funds and influence people. See – marketing DOES work, people! Alas, since this is a good old competition, it’s governed by the same rules as a sweepstake, so they can’t actually require a purchase, or in this case, donation, to win. And not donating doesn’t preclude you from winning. Which of course is hidden in the fine print, along with the link to the free entry. Here you go:http://my.barackobama.com/dinner-with-barack I’ll pick up the check, ok?

I just had to update this based on an email I received this morning from my buddy Joe. Yes, Joe:

Friend —

The President and I have a routine — we get lunch together almost every Friday.

But all I get is lunch. You could be one of four supporters to have dinner with him soon.

Donate $5 or more today to have your name automatically thrown in the hat here:


I’m reminded every week that sitting down for a meal with the President of the United States — without TV cameras or a big crowd — is something only a few people will ever get to do.

You’re not going to want to miss this chance.

I wish you luck,