I admit it. I had a pretty crappy weekend, with all sorts of silly things going on. By the end, I was tired and a little fed up. Not my brightest moment.

Sunday morning, my sweet Milan arrived at the side of my bed at about 6:30am, wrapped in his favorite blankie with his paccie firmly lodged in his mouth. He sucked quietly for a few minutes, and then he grunted for me to pick him up and place him next to me, between Darian and I in the bed, as he often does. We cuddled for a few moments, and I whispered a question in his ear, as I often do, “Do I love you?”. He though for a moment, took the paccie out of his mouth, looked me in the eyes and said, “No. Your eyes are not happy”. And then put the paccie back into his mouth.

I spent the day with this constant reminder to make my eyes happy. Amazing boy.