A Little Rock and Roll

A Little Rock and Roll

I've been feeling a little hardcore lately. Sort of punky. Like the tough kid. A grown-up Emma Margaret Tachard-Mackey (that's a mouthful!) as Maeve Wiley in the Netflix show Sex Education. Ok, might be a little too conceptual. 

Maybe it's because my boys have taken to rocking out of the bass and guitar, listening to what they term "vintage" 80's music. Hahahahahahahaha. SO vintage. But I love contrasts. And I love the idea of dressing like the tough kid when I'm a mom of 3. Mama Rock. That's it!

Anyway - I'm mixing high end and low end fashion (some of my rental pieces from Rent The Runway) with some Rock n' Roll pieces - a few band t-shirts and a smattering of studs. And I'm loving it! Thus, the theme of this month's store collection. Rock On! 

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