Vegan reads

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Vegan reads

As I embark on my new Vegan (yes with a little pescatarian thrown in for the salmon) journey, here are the cookbooks I'm using right now...

Thug Kitchen - this was a surprise gift from my lovely friend Robyn. Be warned, there's an F*Bomb on every page, including the cover, but the recipes are undeniably good, for fuck's sake...

The Greenprint - I didn't actually realize how insanely hip I really am and that Beyonce and Jay-Z are linked to this, but I'm really liking the recipes and direction, and being a little Bey doesn't hurt either! What what!

Vegan Meal Prep - I'm really enjoying the handy meal plans and I'm a super for anything in a mason jar!

My friend Molly suggested the Ageless Vegan and I'm waiting for it to arrive. Will let you know!

I also use Platejoy for my meal planning, and have chosen two recipes this week: one is salmon (and my kids will have to go to therapy) and the other is a stuffed squash that I'm going to make a vegan version of for Milan (militant vegetarian 11-year-old) and I.

Please share anything you recommend in the comments! I'd love to add to the list :)



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